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History of our third-generation family farm

Joseph and Rebecca Evans established Evans Farms in 1943. In the beginning the farm produced many different fruit and vegetable crops including pumpkins, peaches and asparagus. There was a packing facility and a gift shop on the farm. 

In 1944, Joseph and Rebecca Evans gave birth to a son, Joseph Harold Evans (Joe). Joe married Beverly Lucks who was from a prominent dairy-farming family in Camden, Del., and they gave birth to two children, Kim and Kevin (pictured on the left).

In 1980, Joe and Beverly took over the farm operation in Bridgeville. At this time the farm was mainly just a grain operation producing corn, soybeans and wheat. Joe and Beverly sold watermelons on a roadside wagon with an honor system that brought in lunch money for Kevin and Kim. 

In 2000, Kevin became a partner in the family business with his father and brought the farm back to its roots as a vegetable-based operation. Kevin helped diversify Evans Farms with processing products that included spinach, peas, lima beans, sweet corn, string beans and pickling cucumbers. 

In 2003, Kevin transitioned the roadside wagon to an on-farm produce market, Evans Farms Produce. Evans Farms Produce sells local asparagus, canary melons, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, peaches, strawberries, string beans, sweet corn, squash, tomatoes, and watermelons among many other local produce items.

In 2005, Kevin became the sole owner and operator of his family farm at the young age of 27 after his father, Joe died in the line of duty as a Bridgeville Fire Company volunteer fire fighter in 2005. Kevin continues forward with his wife, Katey along with several other full time employees and family members to help in the daily operations of the farm. 

In 2015, Evans Farms took a new approach to providing customers with farm fresh options as they established a their sister business, The Frozen Farmer, an on-farm creamery and sorbet shop along with Katey's mom "Momma Jo" . Aimed to bring fresher alternatives to families by centering the menu on the farm fresh ingredients grown and harvested at Evans Farms (sweet corn cream, anyone?), The Frozen Farmer takes the concept of “farm to table” to the next level as the founders are both the farmers and the chefs.

In 2016, Evans Farms Produce opened a larger on-farm market. The facility, located one mile east of Route 13, boasts a spacious general store area where customers can shop for locally produced groceries amongst a 12-ft. indoor grain silo and 10-ft. indoor windmill.

“This building has been a long time dream for our family,” said Kevin Evans, third generation farmer and owner of Evans Farms. “By establishing The Frozen Farmer last year, we were able to tie in our dairy roots and give our customers yet another way to enjoy our homegrown produce by making it into homemade, hand dipped treats like ice cream and sorbet.”

The Frozen Farmer makes from scratch many flavors of ice cream, nice cream (a part sorbet / part ice cream blend), and sorbet from the fruit grown on Evans Farms as well as traditional favorites like cake batter, peanut butter cup and cookies-n-cream. The new Frozen Farmer at Evans Farms boasts an open kitchen so that customers can interact with the chefs and watch them turn raw ingredients like a basket of fresh-picked sweet corn into an end product like sweet corn ice cream.

Together, Evans Farms and The Frozen Farmer host festivals and events at the farm for the community throughout the farming season.  

Today, Evans Farms tills more than 2,000 acres in Delaware. Evans Farms wholesales their local produce direct to nearly a dozen different restaurants in Delaware and more than 70 grocers throughout Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Their watermelons get shipped and sold all throughout the United States and into Canada. 

Their produce is also sold at nearly a half a dozen off-site seasonal produce market locations in Sussex and Kent County, Delaware.  

The farm, produce market and Frozen Farmer are located at 9843 Seashore Highway, Bridgeville, Del.